581 - Die Geistermutanten
The Ghost Mutants
Kurt Mahr

Professor Lorc Muhinau studies the remains of the planet Zeut. He discovers a research installation of Vauw Onacro in the asteroid LM-411, baptized Anorrom. On a recording the Lémurian states that the synthos received, as a security measure, the faculty to decide between friend and enemy. They are vowed to defend the Lemurian Empire against its enemies.

The detective Rock Looman is enrolled in the service of Bount Terhera who wants to prove that Perry Rhodan utilizes the New Mutant Corps in an abusive manner. Looman follows the trail of the Supermutant Ribald Corello. His investigation leads him to the Central Administration of Statistics directed by doctor Eldor Savrin in the city Sayn Shanda. One of the synthos has even entered the service of Eldor Savrin under the name of Bivar Onrain in order to obtain an identification card. When the mutant ghosts, who must constantly fight their synthos bodies, try to force Savrin to deliver to them the ID cards, Savrin rebels and tries to inform the Solar Defense. The synthos Bivar Onrain flees with the help of Corello. Looman knocks out Savrin in order to erase all traces of his presence.

On 22 May 3444, Rhodan makes an announcement on all the media outlets which is directed specifically at the eight mutants in the synthos bodies. He proposes to meet with them on the following day in Complex 14, a former base of the Supermutant. Unfortunately, Looman discovers the position of Complex 14. The meeting is disrupted by the troops of Terhera and the eight synthos flee.

Michael Mahoney 2016-10-22

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