580 - Die Zeitritter
The Time Knights
Clark Darlton

In mid May 3444, Nathan affirms on the basis of the facts presented that the minds that control Ribald Corello are the consciences of the mutants Tako Kakuta, Andr Noir, Wuriu Sengu, Son Okura, Kitai Ishibashi, Tama Yokida, Ralf Marten and Betty Toufry - in effect, the mutants who all died at the time of the Second Genesis Crisis in the year 2909. At the same moment seven illegal identification cards are created on the Earth through the secret manipulation of registration robots.

For the past three hundred years, the sect of the Time Knights has voluntarily lived in nineteenth century conditions in Porvenir, a village on the coast of the Tierra del Fuego in far southern Chile. An unknown man named Hatco Illroy arrives in the village. Pucky travels to Porvenir, followed by Perry Rhodan and Atlan. He recognizes in Illroy one of the Lemurian Synthos. When Rhodan paralyzes the artificial man, the Syntho is rescued by Ribald Corello and brought to safety in the last moment.

Michael Mahoney 2015-08-16

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