58 - Attacke aus dem Unsichtbaren
Attack From The Unseen
Clark Darlton

Perry Rhodan recalls to Earth all mutants presently on missions elsewhere in the Milky Way. Now that the Regent knows that Perry Rhodan didn't die, the situation is serious. The Solar Administrator proposes to meet with a representative of the Robot Regent utilizing the Mirsal System as a rendezvous point. At the request of Rhodan, the DRUSUS, the new flagship of the Solar Imperium, meets the Arkonide cruiser ARK-KOOR commanded by the Mounder Talamon. A relay station permits the Regent to converse with Rhodan. The Regent informs Rhodan about a threat that depopulates whole planets, humans and animals. The alert is suddenly given: invisible ships of unknown origin are located in the Mirsal System, that correspond to the apparitions already spotted at the time of previous attacks.

The guppy K-13 with Rhodan aboard leaves for a reconnaissance mission on Mirsal III but he finds no trace of inhabitants. The guppy K-7, commanded by Lieutenant Roux, detects objects that immediately disappear. Roux lands, and to his surprise, he witnesses his men and robots becoming transparent and disappearing. Roux returns to the K-13. The mutants also discern some fleeting contacts. Fellmer Lloyd begins to fade away but teleporters save him. The robots, and then the guppy K-7, disappear.

The ARK-KOOR detects a primitive rocket in space, that is soon a victim of the mysterious phenomenon. Contrary to what the Arkonide Astronomical index indicates, Mirsal II seems to possess a civilization. When the men of the ARK-KOOR begin to disappear, the cruiser finds itself on the edge of disaster and is forced to make a short transition to escape the unseen threat..

Perry Rhodan decides to go see what is happening on Mirsal II.

Michael P. Mahoney 2007-09-22

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