579 - Die Psycho-Vampire
The Psycho Vampires
Ernst Vlcek

While Vauw Onacro wakes up other Lemurian scientists he receives the order from Ribald Corello to construct eight normal synthos, a woman and seven men, in an accelerated manner from the remaining cells still available in the ancient lab. Alaska Saedelaere, who succeeds in freeing himself during a short moment from Corello’s power, informs Onacro on the truth. In secret Onacro conceives six identical sextuplets from one of the eight cells. They are used like psychic vampires against the Supermutant. Corello and his unknown masters kill five of the six sextuplets but must flee with the eight synthos and Alaska Saedelaeres before the end of the program. On 9 May 3444, Perry Rhodan and a commando team enter the Lemurian station following the detection of the increasing energetic activities. Rhodan and his people cannot stop the nuclear reactor of the station from exploding and killing all the remaining Lemurian scientists.

Michael Mahoney 2015-08-16

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