578 - Im Labyrinth der Toten
In The Labyrinth Of The Dead
H.G. Ewers

Possessing great knowledge, the mysterious psychic masters of Ribald Corello force the Supermutant to go to the island of Vavitoe in the South Seas (South Pacific). When Alaska Saedelaere tries to escape, these mysterious minds warn Corello. As a result, the Supermutant brings Alaska back under his control. Corello and Saedelaere penetrate into a hidden Lemurian installation. They awaken the Lemurian biogeneticist Vauw Onacro, who has been in a state of suspended animation for fifty thousand years. Posing as Lemurian (Tefrodian) ambassadors from the Andromeda Galaxy, they convince Onacro that the war against the Halutians was won by the Lemurians thirty-two years before. Corello orders Vauw Onacro to complete his original mission: to accelerate the growth of the bodies of androids (clones) to the stage of development of a man of twenty-four years of age. These bodies, however, lack minds which will have to be electronically imprinted on the organic brains of the androids. Originally meant to help repopulate the Lemurian worlds in the Milky Way after their great manpower losses in the war with the Halutians, it is unclear why Corello has been ordered by his mysterious psychic masters to initiate the production of billions of mindless androids. Meanwhile, Perry Rhodan, Fellmer Lloyd, Dalaimoc Rorvic and Tatcher a Hainu are attracted by the numerous unexplained hypnotic influences to the underwater city of Vahoe at the base of the island of Vavitoe. They save two children who, while trapped in an underwater train station, were able to escape certain death with an escape capsule installed in an adjacent underwater base built several centuries before by a Master of the Island who was an opponent of Factor I. Unfortunately, Perry Rhodan and his team have still not been able to locate and capture Ribald Corello. The search must continue!

Michael Mahoney 2013-02-16

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