577 - Ein Mutant wird gejagt
A Mutant Is Hunted
William Voltz

Alaska Saedelaere meets Ribald Corello and is enslaved mentally by the Supermutant who is himself controlled by foreign minds. He is forced to help Corello to flee before the mutants of the New Mutant Corps. In fact, he must finally carry the Supermutant when Corello loses his robot carrier in a confrontation with Fellmer Lloyd and Ras Tschubai. Corello and Saedelaere penetrate into the TIMOR after having wandered all over the surface of the Earth. They obtain a new robot carrier, some additional equipment and micro-bombs. Bount Terhera uses the worldwide search for Corello to his advantage in the electoral battle with Perry Rhodan. He agrees to help in the hunt for Corello and rushes in with his specialists who include many from alien races. Corello is forced by his masters to hide with his slave Saedelaere on the GNOMA, a boat of leisure, in the South Pacific. Eventually Corello and Saedelaere leave the boat by teleportation for an unknown destination in or around the many islands of the South Pacific.

Michael Mahoney 2013-02-09

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