576 - Ein Mutant verschwindet
A Mutant Vanishes (Disappears)
William Voltz

After the landing of the TIMOR on the Earth, Perry Rhodan informs the Terran Parliament about the events on the planet Asporc. He falls into the trap of involuntarily playing Bount Terhera’s game who had already announced ahead of time that Perry Rhodan would try to consolidate his position as Great Administrator by presenting the Earth with an extraterrestrial danger.

Alaska Saedelaere meets Kytoma again. She informs him of a suicide attempt by Ribald Corello in one of the engine rooms of the TIMOR. The Supermutant is saved by Alaska but soon afterwards he disappears from the ship by teleporting himself from his cabin. On 20 April 3444 he penetrates into the power station of a factory located near the city of Addardin in South Asia and tries to reach the reactor core in order to kill himself thru exposure to high levels of radiation. Corello is trying to kill himself because he realizes that he has fallen under the power of an unknown force which poses a serious threat to the Earth. The mutants of the New Mutant Corps hurry to the scene but cannot capture him. Corello runs away again (by means of teleportation) and hides in a cornfield.

Meanwhile, Kytoma, who belongs to the race that built the Swarm, brings Saedelaere and Captain Chirkio Rakkells to an unknown planet. She wants to find the access to a hidden city of the Swarm buildiers. This race was composed of the mental union of thirty-six highly civilized races. They wanted to bring intelligence to the entire universe with the help of the Swarm. By doing this, they hoped to bring other races into their union until finally all life in the universe was united. Kytoma remained in the Milky Way as an observer after the swarm had been handed over to the Cynos. As a result, she lost contact with her people. She takes Saedelaere and Rakkells to the talking waters of the sea of Talsamon and then opens the gates of the hidden city of her people. This city, which Kytoma enters with Alaska, is a harmonious disposition of transparent bodies. It unites three planes of existence. The city also received the soul of its builders. Kytoma finds the evidence which will enable her to return to her own people. When she leaves the city with Saedelaere, they discover that Rakkells has disappeared. Kytoma explains to Saedelaere that Rakkells didn’t have any luck while fighting to enter the city after them. The city forcefully ejected him and he has been lost forever in a different plane of existence. She brings Alaska back to Earth where he ends up landing in a cornfield. Could it be the same one that Corello is in?

Michael Mahoney 2012-11-08

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