575 - Stadt im Lavameer
City In The Lava Sea
H.G. Francis

On 5 April 3444 a new wave of influence, known as the “Voices of Pain (or Agony)” by the Asporcos, descends upon the crew of the TIMOR and the inhabitants of the planet Asporc. Mentro Kosum brings the TIMOR away from the planet when it is attacked by the Asporcos with atomic weapons. At the same moment this mysterious power allows Atlan, Pucky, Ras Tschubai, Icho Tolot, Ribald Corello and Takvorian to escape their jail inside the meteoroid. Under permanent attack by the “Voices of Pain”, the Arkonide and his companions manage to reach the ruins of a troglodyte city deep inside the meteorite. The city is surrounded by a sea of magma. For some mysterious reason, the “Voices of Pain” do not penetrate into the city itself. They meet the Asporco priest, Alombo Troyd-Samare, who doesn't hear the Voices anymore after a fall. In order to avoid other parapsychic attacks, Atlan and his companions have themselves paralyzed by Terran robots which were dispatched from the TIMOR before it fled the planet and have now caught up with Atlan and his group. The robots bring them to the OSSATA from where they are recovered by the TIMOR. During the flight back to the Solar System, new waves of influence occur. They stop when a robot which brought along some PEW-Metal is discovered and is cast overboard.

Michael Mahoney 2012-10-14

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