573 - Die Lady und der Barbar
The Lady And The Barbarian
Hans Kneifel

According to rumors, Munisho Aerce, the planetary administrator of Plophos, wants to support the proposition of Bount Terhera who is calling for the advancement of the election date for Great Administrator.

A message confirming that the chief of Plophos is the victim of blackmail is discovered on 14 March 3444 in a vessel coming from the Eugaul System. Galbraith Deighton sends Orana Sestore and Sandal Tolk to Plophos in order to discover if Terhera hides behind the blackmail. Tolk, who plays the role as Sestore Orana’s official bodyguard, is captured by the anti Horcyrov Vuzton. It is he that is actually blackmailing Munisho Aerce and, as a result, influencing her decisions regarding Terran politics and the election date. Sandal Tolk escapes and enters into contact with the Plophosian authorities. Threatened by the ultimate failure of his plans, the anti flees and is killed by Tolk.

Munisho Aerce remains in her position as the planetary administrator of Plophos and is now, like Merytot Bowarote, able to once again support the original date for the elections.

Michael Mahoney 2012-09-11

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