572 - Die Stunde des Symbionten
The Hour Of The Symbiont
Kurt Mahr

Protected by a SERT helmet from the parapsychic influence under which the entire crew of the TIMOR is victim, the emotionaut, Mentro Kosum, discovers that a crew member is responsible for putting in danger the vessel, the crew and the inhabitants of the planet. He brings the TIMOR a safe distance from Asporc.

The vessel approaches the Bieytl System. Colonists from Asporc reached this system and landed on the planet Portzschest one hundred eighty years ago. The hexadimensionnel radiation of the Asporco’s crest awakens in Whisper, the symbiont of Perry Rhodan, the desire for a new body. It seizes the Great Administrator psychically. It then forces Rhodan to manipulate the automatic pilot of the vessel. After the landing of the TIMOR, Whisper forces Rhodan to flee toward the colonists who have reverted back to a primitive state. Rhodan reaches their chief, the Morlch Vrakt, who possesses two ceremonial crests. Whisper then leaves Rhodan and joins with the Morlch Vrakt. The danger presented by the huge parapsychic radiance that is thereby created forces Mentro Kosum, who followed Rhodan, to kill at the last minute the Morlch Vrakt, and as a result, Whisper as well. The TIMOR leaves Portzschest.

Michael Mahoney 2011-08-22

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