571 - Raumschiff der Besessenen
Spaceship Of The Possessed
Ernst Vlcek

Perry Rhodan swears the mutants into a “New Mutant Corps”. After the growth of a slanderous campaign against Munisho Aerce and Merytot Bowarote, Perry Rhodan faces Marshal Bount Terhera personally. He speaks with him about the criminal acts carried out by his chief of propaganda and his own mistakes in the past. He asks for his political adversary to compromise better. On 8 March 3444, the parliament meets in Solar Hall. It is generally expected that the Great Administrator will publically respond in this forum to the reproaches that have been leveled against him. However, instead Rhodan reviews the events that occurred following the landing of the EX-887-VRT. He announces at the same time that he will personally lead an expedition to Asporc in the Rattley System.

Since, after three weeks, there still is no news from the OSSATA, Rhodan leaves on March 10, 3444 in the heavy cruiser TIMOR for the planet Asporc. During the flight the Asporco Heydrac Koat states that the “Voices of Agony” arrived on his planet three years ago. He indicates that his entire people, consisting of several billion individuals, were affected differently by the Swarm’s “stupidity phase” which resulted from the manipulation of the five-dimensional gravitation constants. Instead of suffering through a "stupidity phase" the Asparcos had an "awakening of the spirit" with a sudden increase of intelligence. Through this awakening of the mind, a rapid development of science and technology took place in three years. Tatcher A Hainu develops the theory that this is connected with the clip, which consists of a six-dimensional radiating material (metal) that all Asparcos carry on the head. It gives them the ability of “Dark Vision” and “Special Hearing”.

The atmosphere on board the TIMOR becames increasingly strained. At the time of a new attack, the “Voices of Agony” do not use Heydrac Koat but another crewmember, the pseudo-neanderthal Lord Zwiebus, as catalyst (although this is not realized immediately). The first incident involves the Emotionaut Mentro Kosum who subconsciously manipulates the course of the vessel. As a result, Alaska Saedelaere is forced to knock Mentro unconscious with a paralyzer weapon. During one of the questioning sessions with Heydrac Koat, Pucky suddenly materializes and knocks out Takvorian with a paralyzer weapon after Takvorian had included everyone present with Heydrac Koat in a time-restraining field. Tatcher A Hainu prevents Heydrac Koat from being murdered when methane is introduced into his quarantine cubicle. It is not determined who is responsible for introducing this deadly atmosphere into Heydrac’s room. Since the “Voices of Agony” have not attempted to take control of the TIMOR through Heydrac Koat, the assumption is made that now another crew member has taken over this function. Further incidents occur: Irmina Kotschistowa invokes symptoms of the smallpox of Lashat; Tolot runs amok; and Rhodan's symbiot, Whisper, tries to strangle him. Roi Danton realizes that Lord Zwiebus is the catalyst and places a trap for him. However, the trap fails and the “Voices of Agony” return to Heydrak Koat.. The attacks that follow cannot be repulsed by the mental block of the mutants, invoking chaos on the vessel. Atlan realizes that this time the para attack is more uncoordinated then the earlier attack on the EX-887-VRT. Just before Lord Zwiebus is about to kill Heydrac Koat, Perry Rhodan orders him to lower his weapon. Immediately the parapsychic attacks stop.

In orbit around Asporc, the mutants receive from its inhabitants impulses of craziness. By radio the last survivor of the OSSATA (before becoming a victim to the unknown power himself) informs the crew of the TIMOR that all the other members of the OSSATA crew had become mad and were eaten by monsters. Since everybody on board, with the exception of the mutants, demand to land on Asporc as soon as possible, Mentro Kosum lands the TIMOR in an uninhabited sector of the planet.

Michael P. Mahoney 2007-09-28

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