570 - Die Stimmen der Qual
The Voices Of Agony
Ernst Vlcek

On 5 June 3443, at the time of the departure of the “Swarm”, humanity has recovered its mental faculties but for nearly all humans there is a spiritual unbalance that continues to linger, making them very unstable and influenciable. As a result, due to the turmoil of the previous year, a domestic crisis now prevails and this is having a major impact on the upcoming elections for the office of Great Administrator (scheduled for August 1, 3444). Criticism has grown regarding the behavior of Rhodan during the crisis of the “Swarm”. At the time of the elections for the Planetary Administrators in January 3444, one hundred and thirty Administrators on the side of Rhodan lose their seats. Several candidates for the position of Great Administrator benefit from the vacillating popularity of Rhodan. One of them is Munisho Aerce of the “Social-Galactic Federation for the Right of Citizens”, already elected as the new ruler of Plophos. He is an appreciated expert who is undisputed in social matters. Rhodan himself threatens to resign. He doubts that humanity needs him again. He does, however, get along well with Merytot Bowarote of the “Tolerant Galactic Union”, who also happens to be the new Planetary Administrator of the Earth (Terra). Bowarote has been given great credit for the Terran economy and contacts with foreign nations. Marshal Bount Terhera of the “League for the Galactic Solar Interests”, who also happens to be the chief of the 43rd Strategic Fleet, leads an aggressive electoral battle. He criticizes the hesitant behavior of Rhodan and his lack of toughness facing the “Swarm”.

At this same moment in time, the inhabitants of the planet Asporc are under the control of the Voices of Agony (Torment), a mysterious mental power. The voices force the Asporco, Alantor Myns, to investigate the Terran vessel EX-887-VRT. Back on June 4, 3440, this explorer ship had left the Earth with a small crew to catalog the Superior North Center sector. The ship had disappeared since. Unknown to the officials back on Terra, it landed on the then unknown planet Asporc and, due to unknown circumstances that are not very clear, the fifteen member terran crew killed itself during the stupefying phase of the Swarm. The Asporco scientists who go on board the EX-887-VRT to investigate the unknown Terran technology are trapped when the ship receives a hyperimpulse of mysterious origin which initiates a return trip to Terra. The Asporcos then trigger an automatic defense system by accident. They are all killed by combat robots except Heydrac Koat.

Heydrac Koat reaches the Solar System and lands in northern Siberia on February 12, 3444. He has a green humanoid body carrying vestiges of wings on the arms and the legs. The head is pear shaped and has two multifaceted eyes and two crimson crests linked (bound) by a metal hexadimensionnel object. Reginald Bell, Galbraith Deighton and seven other scientists enter the ship and discover Heydrac Koat. He is interrogated by the mutants (to include Pucky, Irmina Kotschistowa, Fellmer Lloyd, Merkosh, Ras Tschubai, Balton Wyt and Dalaimoc Rorvic.). They learn that the Asporcos utilize nuclear-power for space flight but they have not yet mastered faster-then-light space travel. The Voices of Agony then seize Heydrac Koat and trigger a psi-storm. The mutants can not resist the powerful parapsychic force. They are successful, however, in isolating Asporco under a paratron shield. Heydrac Koat eventually awakes from a death-like state and tells Perry Rhodan: "Help my people or it will disappear." In great secret Rhodan sends the cruiser OSSATA toward Asporc.

Michael P. Mahoney 2007-09-16

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