541 - Im Banne des Panikfeldes
In The Ban Of The Panic Field
Clark Darlton

With Pucky’s help, Harno comes back into his spherical body on the MARCO POLO on 20 June 3442. He informs the Terrans about an important system situated near the head of the Swarm. Under the command of Atlan, the Gazelle GEVARI leaves for this system which is given the name Internal-Alpha. The gigantic planet Pladang-1 (Dangerous Planet 1) is surrounded by a cloud of asteroids and projects a hypno-field that provokes panic. Pucky and Tolot, who are immune to the hypno-field, operate the GEVARI out of the dangerous field. They then witness a pyramidal vessel of the Swarm which is disabled by the hypno-field and then transported by a spherical transmitter, the “Eye of the Delivery”, onto the asteroid Porter, which is the size of Mars. Ras Tschubaï and Pucky bring a portable transmitter onto the asteroid. The mouse-beaver eventually falls into a trap and is imprisoned in a base under the surface of the asteroid. He frees himself before a rescue team composed of Atlan, Ras Tschubaï and Takvorian can discover him. They return to the GEVARI, where meanwhile the rest of the crew has been paralyzed by Tolot after they had once again fallen victim to the hypno-field. Pucky destroys Porter's station with bombs. As a result, the hypno-field is eliminated.

Michael Mahoney 2017-10-25

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