539 - Das Experimente der Cynos
The Experiment Of The Cynos
H.G. Ewers

An agent of the Solar Defense reports that the inhabitants of the planet Heytschapan in the Eppyla-Pharo System have recovered their original intelligence. The commando team “Discover Cyno”, is activated on 15 June 3442. Dalaimoc Rorvic, Tatcher a Hainu, Riev Kalowont, Peitrow Batriaschwili and Bescrilo Nonderver leave with a Gazelle for the third planet of the Eppyla-Pharo sun. The Commando-DCY discovers an underground station for the activation of intelligence and an emitter simulating the radiance of the howalgonium on the surface of the planet. Four Cynos are discovered among the natives. Dalaimoc Rorvic and Tatcher a Hainu attempt to subdue and capture them. It becomes clear to the Martian Tatcher a Hainu that the Cynos are attempting to provoke the Swarm to absorb the Eppyla-Pharo System by the simulation of howalgonium. By suppressing the stultification of the two hundred twenty thousand Free Traders of Heytschapan, the Cynos hope to introduce a large group who can effectively face and fight the Idols (thus, the rulers) of the Swarm. The psi-powers of Rorvic help him as well as Tatcher a Hainu to flee. On June 19, the Cynos destroy their station and abandon the planet to Commando-DCY.

Michael Mahoney 2017-06-29

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