538 - Die Panikmacher
The Alarmists (Panic Makers)
H.G. Francis

On board the MARCO POLO, the Virologist Jacobi succeeds in isolating the regulating virus which triggers the cellular explosion of the Yellow Conquerors. In its isolated form, the virus is dangerous for humans but after much work Jacobi succeeds in making it non-lethal for all major races of the Milky Way. The MARCO POLO lands on Cocoon and makes contact with the fifth column and the immune Yellow Conquerors.

On 12 June 3442, Perry Rhodan with the GOOD HOPE II and two other cruisers attacks the solar systems Infection I, II and III which are situated at the head of the Swarm. The attacks are meant to increase the unrest among the inhabitants (and rulers) of the Swarm which has already developed due to the prior failure of the Swarm on Trantus-Tona. He utilizes the regulation virus against the Yellow Conquerors who are ready to divide in these three systems. The GOOD HOPE II, led by Atlan, fulfills its mission without problems. However, hypno-crystals arranged on the surface of a Swarm vessel forces the CMP-49 commanded by Toronar Kasom to land. Kasom and Sandal Tolk must defend themselves against numerous Black Demons before the CMP-49 can finally escape from the planetís surface. The CMP-13 commanded by Kainoro Matatsi is attacked by Manips with stultification radiations and is destroyed.

Michael Mahoney 2017-06-29

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