537 - An Bord der MARCO POLO
Hans Kneifel

The reduction of the stultification on 4 March 3442 brings Galbraith Deighton and Elas Korom-Khan, the former commander of the MARCO POLO, to the decision to put the flagship of the solar fleet back in service. The MARCO POLO has been sitting idle on the spaceport of Terrania City since its return from the Gruelfin Galaxy. With Edmond Pontonac, Korom-Khan succeeds in bringing most of the original crew on board. The initial plan is for the MARCO POLO to travel to the World Of A Hundred Suns which is outside the stultification zone but Julian Tifflor arrives and gives new orders directing the flagship to rendezvous with Rhodan and then make an attempt to enter the Swarm. On May 25 the MARCO POLO with two hundred immune crew members and eight thousand idiots takes off. Four days later the GOOD HOPE II takes its original place in the MARCO POLO’s hangar. Perry Rhodan has returned to his flagship. While trying to clear the shield of the Swarm with its hexadim propulsion system the MARCO POLO becomes a captive of the Swarm’s shield and during a period of 36.7 hours orbits around the vagabond galaxy like a comet. By disconnecting a detector in the hexadim propulsion system, the flagship escapes and successfully arrives inside the Swarm. All crew members regain their normal faculties.

Michael Mahoney 2016-10-22

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