536 - Götzendämmerung
Idol Twilight
Ernst Vlcek

On 14 May 3442 Blazon-Alpha and Blazon-Beta reach Trantus-Tona, the third planet of the Heleva-EX System, by hiding in the alveolus of the immune Yellow Conqueror Gahork. They warn Perry Rhodan, who has arrived in the system with the GOOD HOPE II and the INTERSOLAR in order to prevent the destruction of Trantus-Tona by the vessels of the Swarm. Once on Trantus-Tona, the Blazon brothers flee from the Yellow Conquerors before they begin their division euphoria. They discover the YANARA, a spaceship from where the Springers of the Yanar Clan have reigned over the descendants of Arkonide colonists under the cover of an idolatrous cult. The planet's culture corresponds to the Middle Ages on Earth. The Blazon brothers defeat the Springers and are brought back by Ras Tschubai to the GOOD HOPE II.

The infection of the immune Yellow Conquerors spreads to all the Yellow Conquerors in the fleet of the Swarm. As a result, on May 20 the Y'Xanthymona idol interrupts the division process and orders the alveoli vessels to return to the Swarm. Fifteen immune Yellow Conquerors are brought on board the GOOD HOPE II in order to isolate the cause of the illness. With the aide of the fifteen Yellow Conquerors, the hope is that a biological weapon can be developed.

Michael Mahoney 2016-10-19

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