535 - Transport ins Ungewisse
Transportation Into The Uncertain
Clark Darlton

On May 7, 3442, a hypno-broadcast of the Swarm reaches Cocoon and promises the happiness of the division. It in turn attracts the attention of Alaska Saedelaere and his companions to the nine thousand five hundred normal Yellow Conquerors who, up to this point in time, have been living undetected on the planet. They live below the protoplasm and are immune to the cellular explosion although they are still contaminated by the illness. This immunity protects them from the aftermath of a retarded division and even makes some of them into telepaths. To stop the dangerous reproduction of the Yellow Conquerors the members of the fifth column decide to bring the immune Yellow Conquerors on Cocoon in contact with healthy Yellow Conquerors. The chief of the eight hundred immune Yellow Conquerors is brought on board of the GEVARI. He informs them that the Swarm, which has crossed the Milky Way once before millions of years in the past, had the mission to increase intelligence. Unfortunately, it is no longer directed by its real masters but by degenerate gods.

The immune Yellow Conquerors are taken on board the GEVARI which then leaves Cocoon for the planet where the Yellow Conquerors are gathering to be picked up. During the trip, it is determined that the immune Yellow Conquerors no longer are prevented by their illness from dividing. However, it is assumed they are still carriers of the illness. To allow the GEVARI to land on the planet, Pucky teleports on board of one of the guard vessels protecting the foreign world. He becomes friends with an android named Spider (named this because of his shape which resembles a spider). He confirms the declaration of the Yellow Conquerors. Thanks to Pucky’s actions on the guard vessel, the GEVARI successfully evades the ring of sentry ships and lands on the planet where it drops off its cargo of immune Yellow Conquerors. When the Gazelle leaves the planet after dropping off the immune Yellow Conqueror, the Blazon brothers remain behind in order to leave the Swarm in one of the honeycomb tubes of the Yellow Conquerors. They hope to inform Perry Rhodan on all the events since the Terran fifth column entered the Swarm. On May 12, the GEVARI returns to Cocoon after observing the departure of the honeycomb vessels with three billion Yellow Conquerors who are ready to divide.

Michael Mahoney 2016-07-04

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