534 - Der Schwarze Dämon
The Black Demon
William Voltz

On 28 April 3442, Alaska Saedelaere, Balton Wyt, Pucky and the Blazon brothers land with two space lentils on the planet Cocoon, which is covered with ocher protoplasm mountains. It is generated when the Yellow Conquerors prematurely divide following a mistake in the normal process and before they can leave the planet. The cellular explosion occurs - an infectious illness that forces the protoplasm to constantly divide. Pucky establishes telepathic contact with the protoplasm which is basically one huge collective being. The landing party also discovers that a nine hundred meter high fortress moves on rails covering a large portion of Cocoon and limits the growth of the Yellow Conquerors by shootings energy rays which destroy part of the plasma mountains (overgrowth). Saedelaere and his companions leave the planet and come back to the GEVARI which then returns to the planet and is hidden by the protoplasm in an artificial cave. Pucky and Ribald Corello learn that the Yellow Conquerors are pushed by a migratory instinct to cross the universe. They reproduce on worlds outside of the Swarm. The protoplasm appears skeptical when the Terrans speak to it about the atrocious actions of the Purples and Swarm Plumbers. The protoplasm still remembers an old law which is supposed to protect against division incidents. They also learn that because of the infectious cellular explosion the inhabitants of Cocoon were isolated in the Praspa System inside the Swarm.

To put an end to the threat coming from the citadel of the Black Demon, Pucky teleports himself with Saedelaere, Wyt, Corello and Merkosch into the gigantic fortress. For the first time in thousands of years the tranquillity of Magallion, the Black Demon, is disturbed. Magallion has a formless body of twenty meter in height covered with a black gleaming skin, two stumps and two short legs which separate into innumerable members looking like roots. In effect, he is a modified Yellow Conqueror. The creature gives birth to nineteen offspring per hour that dissolve themselves immediately into a cloud of energy. When Magallion attacks Balton Wyt, Ribald Corello destroys the hypno-crystal embedded in his head. As a result, the Black Demon, who has filled his mission mechanically and without critical sense for thousands of years, is killed. Following the will of the protoplasm the fortress continues to carry out its mission, at least for appearances sake, in order to avoid attracting the attention of the masters of the Swarm.

Michael Mahoney 2016-07-04

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