533 - Der Durchbruch
The Breakthrough
William Voltz

With his unique mutant abilities, Ribald Corello serves as a living fictiv transmitter and teleports a hexagonium (sextagonium) bomb before the shield of the Swarm. The explosion and the subsequent release of six dimensional energy, successfully rips open the shield. The Gazelle GEVARI, manned by a small commando team led by Alaska Saedelaere, is too close to the rip in the shield and is projected by a discharge of energy into another continuum. However, it is ultimately emitted by this same energy disruption through the shield and, thus, into the Swarm. As a result, the Terrans have successfully inserted a “fifth convoy” into the Swarm at a location of its own choosing. The GEVARI lands on the fourth planet of the red sun Praspa, of which the third planet, Cocoon, is surrounded by a greenish energy network. The fourth planet, Praspa IV, is covered almost entirely with water. In an underwater city on Praspa IV, Alaska Saedelaere and Pucky meet the degenerated descendants of the city’s builders. They inform Alaska’s team that their ancestors retired to the bottom of the ocean due to the “Beaming Gigantic Demons” of the planet Cocoon. On April 26, 3442, the GEVARI departs from Praspa IV in order to study the planet Cocoon that the inhabitants of the fourth planet call the “World of the Degenerate”. They believe it is under the control of the Black Demon.

Michael Mahoney 2016-05-02

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