532 - Die Alte von USTRAC
The Old One Of USTRAC
Kurt Mahr

Cheborparczete Feynybret, assisted by Orin Ellsmere, Robert C.Hollingsworth and King Pollack, brings four hundred immune to USTRAC in order to form the Commando of Intelligence Research. Its formation was initiated by Perry Rhodan in Quinto Center, the headquarters of the Universal Stars Organization (USO) and its mission is to search throughout the Milky Way for beings with an intact intelligence. On the third planet of the sun Impron (where USTRAC is located) the conditions of different worlds are simulated so that USO agents can be properly trained. Feynybret hopes to further train his four hundred immune there in preparation for the next phase of the plan which calls for the manning of spacecraft and their dispersal throughout the galaxy to look for further immune beings. Shortly after the arrival of Feynybret’s team on USTRAC, the posbi robots rebel but they are deactivated thanks to the heroic actions of King Pollack. Some enigmatic incidents occur that appear to be related to an old spectral woman. Feynybret ends up determining that the reserve organic unit of the central hyperimpotronic of USTRAC, of which the components of protoplasm were for a long time quietly inactive, are the reason for all the mysterious incidents related to the old woman. When Feynybret penetrates with his men into the central impotronic the deranged protoplasm brain utilizes a great number of projections to defend itself but ultimately exhausts itself and dies of weariness.

Michael Mahoney 2016-05-02

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