531 - Die Macht der Sieben
The Power Of The Seven
H.G. Ewers

In a Gazelle, Dalaimoc Rorvic, Tatcher a Hainu, Riev Kalowont, Peltrow Batriaschwili and the Epsalon, Bescrilo Nonderver, follow the black discoid vessel of the representatives of the Secret Empire who left the Heykla-Beru System on 27 November 3441. The Cynos, the name given to the mysterious strangers by Rorvic, try to get rid of their pursuers by psionic projections and hallucinations. Their attempt fails due to the parapsychic powers that Rorvic seems to have developed through meditation. On November 29 the Gazelle reaches the Yuyda System whose third planet is given the name Redmare. The Redmarians, humanoid beings with a head like that of a frog, are at the beginning of their space age. From a base close to the north pole of Redmare, Rorvic and his companions learn that the two political powers (or nations) of the planet are controlled by seven Cynos. Rorvic and Tatcher a Hainu eventually discover and penetrate the hidden Cynos base. Two of the Cynos, capable of taking on any shape as Para-modulators, oppose them. The two Cynos are overpowered by the Terran team but they commit suicide following a telepathic order. Rorvic and his men leave Redmare and reach the GOOD HOPE II with their Gazelle on 14 April 3442.

Michael Mahoney 2016-03-30

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