530 - Die Sternenflut
The Star Flood
H.G. Francis

The GOOD HOPE II and the INTERSOLAR attack the force shield surrounding the Swarm in vain. Hoping that the Swarm absorbs the solar system named Opus-Nurmo and providing the possibility for the introduction of a fifth column, a commando team led by Atlan lands on the second planet of the system Opus-Nurmo on 24 March 3442. Shortly after thirty-two vessels of the Swarm Plumbers (Installers) land at the north pole of the planet. The natives of the planet are the insectoid Kartas, who possess three legs and have a very developed philosophical culture. However, they live in primitive caves. They attack the invaders with moderate parapsychic powers. Pucky and the physicist Krovzac make contact with the Karta named Rauhvertikal and, through him, convince the insecto´d race to quit their attacks against the inhabitants of the Swarm who have landed on their planet. On March 31 the vessels of the Swarm absorb the energy of the sun in order to displace the system of Opus-Nurmo over a distance of five hundred thirty-two light-years. As a result, the system is moved out of the path of the Swarm and is not absorbed. The fifth column of Atlan returns to the GOOD HOPE II.

Michael Mahoney 2015-12-04

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