53 - Die Verdammten von Isan
Unknown Sector: Milky Way
Kurt Mahr

After having left Tolimon, Perry Rhodanís yacht (space jet) makes some hypertransitions toward the heart of the galaxy in order to escape its pursuers. He decides to remain four weeks in a binary system to let the search for them die down. He lands on the planet Isan.

Eight years after a nuclear war that ravaged the entire surface of the planet Isan, the survivors try to organize themselves inside bunkers. Inside of the Fenomat bunker lives ten thousand people who begin to have some problems obtaining food. Ivsera, who is in charge of provisions, is informed by a member of the Fenomatian council, Killarog, that confrontations are taking place outside.

A group led by Ivsera goes to the surface. Their goal is the Sallon bunker. They enter the lock of this bunker but are then attacked and captured. During this time, the Sallonians seize the Fenomat bunker. Ivsera notices that the inhabitants of the Sallon bunker are clothed better and are in a better general state of health than those of the Fenomat bunker. She is brought before Belal, a young fat man who is the chief of the Sallon bunker. Ivsera attempts in vain to kill him. An unknown person intervenes then and the followers of Belal are unable to do anything in spite of their chief's orders. The unknown man, who is none other than Perry Rhodan, takes Ivsera with him. They go to see a Sallonian, Captain Feriar, who rallies to them.

When the alarm is triggered, Perry, Feriar and Ivsera leave the bunker. Perry uses an energy weapon to dig a gallery before rejoining an existing tunnel permitting them to reach the Fenomat bunker. This bunker is retaken quickly thanks to Perry's weapons, and he is also rejoined by John Marshall. Marshall learns telepathically that Havan, a member of the Fenomatian council, is a traitor who has plotted with the Sallonians for years. Rhodan wants to now recover Belal and Havan and to put an end to the conflict. John Marshall searches the entire Sallon bunker and discovers a power plant nourishing some secret sectors.

At the time of an exit, Pucky is wounded by a rifle projectile. He is able to reach the yacht.

From his side, Belal decides to seize the unknown vessel which is protected by an invisible barrier. He, Havan and some men approach it. They open fire after Rhodan has dropped the shield and is entering the yacht. Rodrigo of Berceo, unaware of the danger, wants to help him but he is killed. Belal and his men run away. However, their rocket impacts destroy the propulsion system of the vessel, as well as the shield.

The yacht is abandoned and Rhodan sends a hypercom message toward the Earth.

Feriar receives a message intended for Rhodan that warns of a new attack by Belal on the same yacht during the coming evening. He and the Isanian, Ther, leave the research laboratory to search for Marshall and end up finding Rhodan. Rhodan understands that the message comes in fact from Havan. Rhodan and Marshall regain the yacht and when Belal attacks, he and his men are decimated by the psycho-radiator.

Havan takes the Fenomat bunker. He also takes several important prisoners, among them Ivsera and Laury Marten. Laury uses her para-psychic abilities to destroy a part of the wall of Havanís office while Ivsera diverts the attention of Havan. During the resulting confusion, Laury and Ivsera capture Havan who is now finally defeated.

The DRUSUS, the newest vessel of the Earth, then arrives with twenty million tons of food. Its commander informs Rhodan about the unusual activity of the Arkonides. One supposes that the Regent suspects Rhodan to be active again.

*Note - "Unkown Sector: Milky Way" is the Ace Books Title. Litteral translation of German title is "The Damned Of Isan".

Michael P. Mahoney 2007-09-02

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