529 - Die letzten Tage der Amazonen
The Last Days Of The Amazons
Ernst Vlcek

On 29 November 3440 the planet Diane, the third planet of the sun Emanzopa, is hit by the mental stultification effects of the Swarm. The male known as 12777-0181-NZ is the only one on the entire planet who is immune to the effects. Following genetic modifications due to a reproduction program, the males of the planet constitute a minority deprived of rights in the matriarchal society. They serve only one purpose - reproduction. The Diane are the descendants of five thousand women who landed on the planet Diane in 2434 in the company of two hundred fifty men in order to undertake a sociological experiment. Their technological level subsequently fell over the centuries and now is equivalent to that of the Earth in the Twentieth Century. At the time of the arrival of the Swarm and its accompanying stultification effect, 12777-0181-NZ lives with four women in a bunker. Following the landing of a mushroom vessel on the planet Diane on 4 January 3442 the stultification effect lessens in its intensity. 12777-0181-NZ and his companions once again find themselves involved in a full civil war between three different female power groups: the Virilists, the Egotists and the Néogolists.

Tahonka-No and Sandal Tolk are on board of one of the honeycomb vessels which lands on the planet Diane on the 19th of March. Perry Rhodan orders the GOOD HOPE II and the INTERSOLAR to intervene on Diane when he receives Sandal Tolk’s emergency radio call. Three Space Jets (Gazelles) reach the surface of the planet Diane. Rhodan, Tolk and Tahonka-No witness one of the creatures shaped like a pear and named Yellow Conquerors dividing into seven other individuals in one of the hexagonal shaped tubes that make up a honeycomb ship. It becomes clear that the gravity of 2.2156 Gs and the temperature of 62.7134°C produced by the mushroom vessel correspond to the necessary conditions for the reproduction of the Yellow Conquerors. According to Tahonka-No they occupy two to three thousand planets in the Swarm.

The male 12777-0181-NZ barely reaches the sacred shrine of the inhabitants of Diane alive due to the increased gravity and temperature. He discovers that the shrine is, in reality, the spaceship which brought the original colonists to the planet. It is still functional and run by the positronic brain which has transformed the vessel into a biologic laboratory whose sole purpose is to ensure the continuation of the human race on Diane with the few remaining viable males. 12777-0181-NZ leaves the ship again in order to look for Gaby, the only one of his four female companions whom he loved. Rhodan and his companions stumble across 12777-0181-NZ just before they get ready to leave the planet. He dies after he learns that his companion, Gaby, who wanted to have a child by him, has already died. The INTERSOLAR and the GOOD HOPE II, with Sandal Tolk and Tahonka-No on board, leave the system of the condemned planet.

Michael Mahoney 2015-10-31

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