528 - Die Diener der gelben Götzen
The Servants Of The Yellow God
Hans Kneifel

Sandal Tolk and Tahonka-No have successfully reached the Island of the Happy on the planet Vetrahoon. Sandal believes this is where the God of the Swarm, Y’Xanthymr, lives. They rest in a well furnished control room before they begin their advance to the center of the island, which consists of a 1500 meter in diameter building complex. A fellow member of Tahonka-No’s race from the planet Gedynker Crocq discovers their hiding place and Tahonka-No is forced to kill him in a short fight. The man carries a yellow badge that serves as an ID card on the island. Tahonka-No takes this badge and places it on his forehead.

Meanwhile: Joaquin Manuel Cascal flies a Hunter Jet to the planet Aggres where Pucky jumps down to the surface of the planet. He materializes in the proximity of an accumulation of honeycomb cells from the alveolar (honeycomb) ships. He examines one of the honeycombs and finds only a yellow tissue mass. He then discovers a mucous track from which comes the hypnotic order: “remain far away - adore me!”

On the way to the center of the island, Sandal Tolk and Tahonka-No first must penetrate a park. Again, they are discovered and are attacked, and again, they can kill their aggressor. As a result, Sandal Tolk also gets a yellow badge. They then advance into a gigantic machine hall and go up onto its roof. From there, they clearly recognize five rings that surround the central building.

The most outer ring is a metallic death zone. Whatever enters this ring evaporates like on a hotplate. The only exception are some cleaning robots. Sandal and Tahonka-No are able to easily steer the cleaning robots while riding on them by throwing pieces of fruit on the metal surface. By this manner, they are able to reach the other side of the metallic death zone. The second obstacle is a ten meter high wall; this can be overcome with the help of some high trees. Admittedly, an alarm is triggered on that occasion and they are attacked by some wolf-like animals, however, they are eventually able to escape their pursuers.

Next they enter a dome-shaped building that seems to be a type of exhibition hall filled with a confusing array of different object. The dome is also filled with strange music that becomes louder and louder and gives off weak hypnotic commands that say: “remain far away - adore me!”. The hypnotic commands originate from the eye of a 200 meter tall idol statue. While looking at this statue they do not notice two armed members of Tahonka-No’s race who appear behind them. However, they hold Sandal Tolk and Tahonka-No for servants and disappear in the central dome by way of an Antigrav-field.

Sandal Tolk and Tahonka-No reach into the central dome by the same antigrav-field and find a small control room in the basement of the building which contains hundreds of observation screens. On one of the screens, they see a big yellow nature with a pear-shaped body two meters in length. The yellow creature is suspended in an antigrav-field and appears to be sick. The antigrav-field and the music seem to serve as its treatment. There are also doctors who belong to the same race of creatures. However they are dressed and move by means of movable ribs at the flat underside of their bodies. They leave a mucous track on that occasion. Sandal Tolk suspects that these aliens know more about the God Y’Xanthymr.

As they force their way further into the central dome on the next day, they disturb a plant-similar creature who produces the healing music. This unfortunate incident is noticed and an alarm is triggered. Several Swarm Plumbers (Installers) appear and chase them. Sandal Tolk kills 22 Swarm Plumbers (Installers) with his arrows, however, then a new alarm is triggered. At this point they observe how the yellow pear-shaped beings are shipped in 20 meter big honeycomb tubes. Tahonka-No remembers that he heard about these natures already once before and suspects that they will be taken away from the planet Vetrahoon. Sandal Tolk finally realizes that he won’t find any goal for his revenge on this planet. Therefore, they go into a honeycomb tube with one of the pear-shaped creatures.

The tube flies with many others to a space harbor and lands there. While they wait for the tube to be loaded onto a spaceship, Sandal Tolk and Tahonka-No take a look around. They observe a group of Swarm Plumbers with one single alien from the planet Gedynker Crocq who has been sentenced to death because he was too curious. They try to save the man, however, the Swarm Plumbers and several wolf-similar animals, who should enforce the death sentence, kill the man before he can be saved by Sandal and Tahonka-No. With time running out, Sandal and Tahonka-No return to their hiding place in the honeycomb tube.

Shortly afterwards, their tube is loaded into a mushroom spaceship. The ship starts and, after two transitions, it lands on another planet within the Swarm. Their tube, along with many others, is then installed on a honeycomb (alveolar) spaceship. Finally, this ship, along with several accompanying ships, takes off and leaves the Swarm on 19 March 3442.

Michael Mahoney 2015-09-29

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