527 - Die Insel der Glücklichen
The Island of the Happy
Hans Kneifel

Sandal Tolk and Tahonka No survive and get to know each other better on the planet Vetrahoon. Tahonka No can read the writing carved on an old, partly buried rock and they become interested to the forbidden area, The Island of the Happy. The text gives a warning about the four dangerous zones.

They discover cactus plants that shoot deadly spines through the air, killing their riding animals, but Tahonka No discovers he is immune to their poison. The intelligent but speechless Thoen that accompanies them saves their lives by detecting the numerous patches of deadly quicksand. They build a balloon from the bark, sap and noxious gas produced by trees that have exploding bark and use it to cross the deadly swamp. To get across the sea, filled with predators, they ride on the back of a gigantic, reptilian, flying carnivore that uses the heat from volcanic vents to speed the development of its youngster.

The Island of the Happy is protected by a force field and surrounded by carnivores, which are fed with prey that is raised inside. Sandal Tolk and Tahonka No start a fire to distract the guards and sneak aboard the transporter that brings prey for the carnivores to eat.


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