526 - Söldner der Galaxis
Mercenaries of the Galaxy
H.G. Ewers

Tadschor, leader of the descendents of Arkonide colonists on the planet Aggres, commands a gigantic robot that broadcasts a hysteria beam which escalates a war that wipes out both sides. He survives in deep sleep in an underground bunker.

Mincos Polata and Hysk Vantolier are the only two Immunes among the 400 crew members of the explorer ship EX-6633, that has landed on the planet Aggres. It is home to the Plostas, civilized insects that have served as ferocious mercenaries for anyone willing to pay them and are eager to do so again.

A mushroom ship from the Swarm has landed on Aggres and eventually doubles the force of gravity and increases the temperature to 36 degrees Celsius.

Perry Rhodan sends Gucky, Ras Tschubai and Bossa Cova on a rescue mission to save the EX-6633 and the crew. Epher Tusalis recovers enough of his intelligence to activate the weapons, switch them to continuous fire and turn on the paratron shield before he suffers a relapse.

Gucky encounters Tadschor's robot and disables the hysteria beam. Tadschor commits suicide and only the two Immunes are rescued.

Norman Riger 2005-07-22

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