524 - Die Gelben Eroberer
The Yellow Conqueror
Clark Darlton

The Space-Jet, commanded by Gucky, is still trapped within the Swarm, which is now 11,000 light years in length, with an overall diameter of 2,000 light years. Ras Tschubai, Alaska Saedelaere and Toronar Kasom are members of the crew.

A message from Harno instructs Gucky to travel 3,000 light years to the Crystal Planet by following a signal. During the voyage, the Space-Jet is detected by the Swarm, but escapes by landing on the planet Yellow II, whose inhabitants are descended from insects, who have encountered space travelers in the past.

As the journey is resumed, the Space-Jet is destroyed but all reach the Crystal Planet, a prison for mutants. Only the best are allowed to survive, if they are victors in the Arena. Gucky helps Toronar defeat his opponent without killing him. Alaska's opponent creates total chaos by using telekinesis to remove Alaska's mask.

A message from Harno brings the crew to the center of the hollow planet, where Harno is imprisoned in the Y'Xanthomrier, a 60 meter tall and 25 meter wide telepathic amplifier, half robot and half organic, serving as its single ten meter diameter eye. As Gucky has trouble fighting off suggestive commands, Toronar begins firing his heavy impulse weapon at the goblin, which is eventually killed.

With Harno's assistance, the crew reaches the surface and steals a transistion drive spaceship. After a journey of 7,000 light years to the end of the Swarm, the crew hides on a completely consumed planet, a short time before it is ejected from the Swarm.


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