523 - Der Planetenräuber
The Planet Robbers
Clark Darlton

Gucky visits Harno, the energy being trapped inside the Swarm, by separating his mind from his body. The trip takes five weeks and Gucky learns that the Swarm intends to steal an entire solar system to acquire its natural resources.

Gucky, Ras Tschubai, Alaska Saedelaere and Toronar Kasom travel with a Space-Jet to the ice world SV-1 to obtain information before they are captured by the Swarm. They notice the corkscrew trees, that rotate into the ground with their leaves folded up against the branches to escape from the winter cold. They meet the Vosgos, intelligent polar bears, who have discovered how to use iron, petroleum and coal.

When the planet is captured by the Swarm, volcanoes erupt and the cannibalistic Southern Vosgos attack their peaceful northern neighbors. Gucky gives a paralyzer to the Hunters and the invaders are disarmed

Gucky teleports to an approaching robot explorer and sabotages the propulsion system so that it will soon crash into the sun.


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