522 - Die Spur des Rächers
The Trail of the Avenger
Hans Kneifel

Sandal Tolk, a hunter and warrior from the planet Exota Alpha, is hiding on a mushroom ship that came from inside the Swarm as it takes off. He seeks revenge for the death of his relatives and the destruction of his home as he explores the ship, searching for food and leaving a path of destruction behind. He discovers that the crew are in deep sleep and reduced to one twentieth of their normal size. After the ship enters the Swarm, he fools around with the controls and causes it to crash on the planet Vetrahoon.

As he is being chased by survivors of the crash, he kills as many as he can with his silent and deady arrows and meets Tahonka-No, who is also being hunted by them. Sandal has a translator device and learns that Tahonka-No is a recently arrived fugitive and subject to death because he deliberately allowed others to see him eating, a serious crime in his society.

They work as a team to kill more of those hunting them. Sandal hunts a quadroped for them to eat and catches and trains two riding animals.

Cedric Beust 2005-07-18

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