520 - Unter Parazwang
Under Para-Compulsion
H.G. Ewers

In mid December 3441, Bossa Cova and Patulli Lokoshan are projected into the past on the planet Olymp (Mount Olympus) by the Big God Lullog (Patulli Lokoshanís mysterious family statue which was lost into a different dimension in the previous Cappin Cycle). Lullog announces that it will appear in a few days on the planet Last Hope. On the 19th December Cova and Lokoshan land on Last Hope, the only planet of the sun Bolo. They discover that the planetís famous Walkers (Marschiere-Viel), huge creatures which are five hundred twenty meters long and are shaped like a triangle, are undergoing a mysterious metamorphosis. They hatch from eggs and have the shape of dragons with three eyes. They then change into Walkers by absorbing a human's mind. The psi-robot Lucky Log (from the Master of the Islands Cycle) emerges and rescues Bossa Cova and Patulli Lokoshan from the trance induced by the three-eyed dragons. The robot then declares that it traveled into the past at the time of the Solar Imperiumís military actions in the Andromeda Galaxy in 2404 and that it merged while in hyperspace with the temporal eye Angekok. They parted after several thousand years together. Patulliís statue Lullog was only the projection of Lucky Logís hexa-dimensional energy into the normal space-time continuum while he was merged with Angekok.

At the same time that Cova and Lokoshan are experiencing their adventures on one side of the planet Last Hope, the GONOZAL, a cruiser of the USO, and ten transport ships of the Almanas Class land on Last Hope with Perry Rhodan, Atlan, an immune USO commando team from Quinto Center and the scientists of Waringerís team. They fight the temporal researcher Avril Youngman and the researcher Ishi Tetagori who are both strong Hypnos. After the modification of the gravitational constant by the Swarm, Youngman and Tetagori developed suggestive strengths with which they mastered the few remaining immune scientists and the thousands of addled scientists of Last Hope. They now want the cellular activators of Fellmer Lloyd and Geoffrey Abel Waringer. They use their suggestive powers to hypnotize the Walkers and force them to attack Rhodanís ships which have landed on the planet near the Terran Research station. However, they are successfully repulsed when Atlan draws off the energy from the gigantic animals by utilizing radiation absorber beams. Lucky Log, Patulli Lokoshan and Bossa Cova meet up with Perry Rhodanís forces and help them to defeat the two scientists. Tetagori is personally defeated and killed by Rhodan. Avril Youngman then tries to destroy Rhodanís fleet of eleven ships by traveling back several weeks in time and setting up Arkon Bombs with time-delay fuses below the future landing site of Rhodanís ships. However, time travel is no problem for Lucky Log to understand and utilize. The psi-robot quickly realizes what Youngman is planning and is able to identify where in time Youngman has traveled. They successfully follow the scientist back in time and neutralize the Arkon bombs thereby preventing a catastrophe. Youngman is also eventually killed.

While Lokoshan leaves on 10 January 3442 with the psi-robot Lucky Log for his Kamash homeland, the transportation fleet departs for the World of a Hundred Suns with eighty thousand scientists, most of whom are still addled and will remain so until they leave the Milky Way on the way to the Posbi home world. However, when Rhodanís fleet reaches the World of a Hundred Suns, the Central Protoplasm forbids them permission to land.

Michael Mahoney 2015-08-20

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