52 - Der falsche Inspekteur
The Pseudo One
Clark Darlton

During the absence of Perry Rhodan, the colonists of Venus proclaimed their independence. Pucky intervenes and solves everything himself resulting in an amicable outcome. At the time of a banquet, he is called by Betty Toufry, responsible for the Mutant Corps in the absence of John Marshall. Rhodan has just called, asking for equipment and the mousebeaver.

Pucky arrives on Hellgate with a luxury yacht, the Koos-Nor. Rhodan takes the identity of an Arkonide inspector, Tristol. Pucky is to be his companion animal and a servant of weak intelligence - to the great dismay of the mousebeaver. The Koos-Nor arrives in the Revnur system (the planet Toloman) and announces its arrival.

Rhodan gets settled in a hotel. He captures the thoughts of men anxious to capture Pucky. Completely unknown to the Aras, he stirs their lust. Rhodan is invited to an official reception which he attends, leaving Pucky alone. When the captors arrive, the mousebeaver lets himself be captured. He is questioned by several Aras and awakens their interest even more when he states that he and his master have lived for at least one thousand years. He is then imprisoned in a cell but teleports himself out in order to find Rhodan again, who has since returned to the hotel.

The following day, Pucky goes for a walk in the city. He notices Froghs while searching for the three Terran fugitives. He follows them after having warned Rhodan. The mousebeaver is confronted by one of the Froghs in the old hiding place of Marshall in the low rent district. After he rids himself of the Frogh, he establishes telepathic contact with the mutant John Marshall. He, Laury Marten and Rodrigo of Berceo are in the company of Springers working for them.

Rhodan learns that the Aras, who have become increasingly suspicious, asked for information from Arkon on Tristol. In addition, a real inspector, Glogol, announces his arrival and affirms that Tristol is an impostor. Perry Rhodan and Pucky rejoin the three Terrans and thanks to a remote control system recovers the Koos-Nor. The yacht flees into space.

*Note - "The Pseudo One" is the Ace Book Title. Litteral translation is "The False Inspector".

Michael P. Mahoney 2007-08-30

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