519 - Das heimliche Imperium
The Secret Empire (Imperium)
William Voltz

On 24 November 3441 the Conference of the Immune, which has been organized by Reginald Bell, begins on the second planet of the Heykla-Beru System. Perry Rhodan wants to establish a galactic alliance of all the races of the Milky Way in order to take some measures together against the Swarm. In the amphitheater of an extinct culture, ten thousand immune assemble. Halutians (Haluters), Blues, Akonides, Neo-Arkonides, Springers and representatives of the stellar empires of the humans assemble on the desolate world Dessopato. A black discoid vessel which is fifty meters in diameter unexpectedly arrives and causes confusion and mistrust among the other conference attendees. Identical humanoids clothed entirely in black leave the alien ship. The Etrusian, Nos Vigeland, who takes part in the conference with the two other Triumvers of the Carsual Alliance, suspects the strangers to be spies from the Swarm. He attempts to shoot them but without effect. The strangers declare that they are representatives of a Secret Empire (Imperium) threatened by the Swarm. They arbitrarily took the human shape.

Shortly afterwards the Heykla-Beru System is reached by a massive structure disruption resulting from a new transition of the Swarm. Its mushroom vessels had already "marked" the space sector beforehand to which the Swarm has now jumped to. The planet is threatened by the severe space-time structure disruptions and the conference is prematurely ended. Before leaving Dessopato with his companions the spokesman of the Secret Empire counsels Perry Rhodan to search for traces of the past in order to solve the enigma of the Swarm. It becomes obvious that the strangers know the immortal. Vigeland tries in vain to destroy the black discoid vessel at the time of its departure.

Geoffrey Abel Waringer asks Rhodan to bring the thousands of addled members of his scientific team from the research planet Last Hope to the World of a Hundred Suns with the help of the immune USO agents stationed in Quinto Center. Once on the World of a Hundred Suns, his scientists will no longer be affected by the stultification of the Swarm and will be able to work on developing a weapon against the Swarm.

Michael Mahoney 2015-08-15

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