518 - Sturmlauf in den Tod
Trot (Run) Into The Death
H.G. Francis

Tracs Potschyben is the immune chief of a Solar Imperium base on the Terran colony Hitcher Pearl, the third planet of the sun Ynakcho. The base is utilized to refit and repair Terran spaceships and Tracs Potschyben is the Chief Quartermaster of the base. For the past many months he has been the only immune human on the planet besides a group of Homo Superiors who he has been in a continuous struggle with for control of the addled colonists. On November 15, he discovers that the symptoms of the stultification disappear after the landing of a mushroom vessel from the Swarm. At the same time, the intellectual faculties of the Homo Superiors on the planet decrease. With the help of the colonists he attacks several times the foreign vessel abandoned by the Swarm Plumbers (Swarm Installers). The gigantic idol head uses radiation weapons and cries “red tears” that divide and provoke strong nuclear explosions all over the planet. Potschyben orders the evacuation of the colonists to another continent, the fight against the mushroom vessel having become futile. The robots of the mushroom vessel attack the Terran base and destroy it. Ultimately, large parts of the planet are devastated. Tracs Potschyben establishes radio contact with the GOOD HOPE II which has arrived in the Ynakcho System. Exhausted from the battle, Potschyben reaches the vessel of Perry Rhodan with a Gazelle.

Michael Mahoney 2015-08-14

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