517 - Notruf des Unsterblichen
Emergency Call Of The Immortal
Clark Darlton

On 14 November 3441, Pucky and Fellmer Lloyd receive the immortal's telepathic SOS. The adjustment of the gravitational constant by the mushroom vessels on several planets threatens IT. In the system of the sun Eyry-Ganaty the GOOD HOPE II finds the immortalís artificial disc-shaped world, twelve thousand kilometers in diameter, which they name Wanderer-Beta. It is an exact duplicate of the original Wanderer which was destroyed over a thousand years ago. The immortal, very disoriented by the stultification produced by the Swarm, allows the GOOD HOPE II thru its hemispheric shield. Perry Rhodan and his companions meet men from all periods of Terran history. They then reach a pyramid. Homunk, that has the shape of a gigantic metallic mole, allows them access to the pyramid. Geoffrey Abel Waringer repairs the linear propulsion drive of the artificial world. Once Wanderer-Beta is in the linear space the stultification effect of the Swarm disappears. The immortal tells his Terran rescuers that it was the Swarm and not the Suprahet that was the reason for his disappearance back in the year 2326. Because of a small mistake his escape took place one thousand years too early. The most recent modification of the gravitational constant has, as its specific goal, to put the immortal out of the fight. Before the GOOD HOPE II leaves Wanderer-Beta, the immortal gives Rhodan the advice not to forget about the World of the Hundred Suns, which is situated out of the zone of manipulation of the gravitational constant.

Michael Mahoney 2015-08-13

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