516 - Sandal, der Rächer
Sandal, The Avenger
Hans Kneifel

On the insistence of the young robo-psychologist Chelifer Argas (who is in love with Sandal Tolk), Atlan and Icho Tolot return to the planet Test Rorvic to recover Sandal Tolk. Meanwhile, he has developed strong ties with the robots of the planet and refuses to leave the planet. A mushroom-shaped black vessel, five thousand meter high, lands. The Arkonide and the Halutian are forced to leave Test Rorvic without Sandal. Long and thin brown creatures two meters in height with multifaceted eyes, eight arms and eight legs, leave the mushroom vessel. Sandal Tolk names them the Swarm Plumbers (Swarm Installers). They anchor the vessel by the order of the Y'Xanthomonary idol, "that cries red tears and laughs at the same time", and install some antennas in the shape of towers. Sandal Tolk attacks the strangers with the robots and kills several of them himself with arrows. When one of the Swarm Plumbers dies, he witnesses them shrink to an eighth of their original size. He finally penetrates into the mushroom vessel, informs the GOOD HOPE II by hypercom of his plans to sneak into the Swarm and departs the planet hidden away in an auxiliary vessel of hundred meters of diameter which is lodged at the top of the mushroom vessel. Thousands of the Swarm Plumbers depart in the same auxiliary vessel, reduced to an eighth of their size so they all can fit into the ship.

The mushroom vessel left behind on the planet Test Rorvic turns into a Yellow idol head with four menacing faces.

Michael Mahoney 2015-08-13

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