515 - Die Wächter der Einsamkeit
The Guards Of The Loneliness
William Voltz

On 5 November 3441 several thousand big units leave the Swarm and head toward the south side of the galaxy. Rhodan decides to investigate the goal of one of the vessels - the planet Test Rorvic, which has been named after a crew member of the GOOD HOPE II, Captain Dalaimoc Rorvic. Rorvic, a big albino who worked on Tahun before the arrival of the Swarm, the Martian Tatcher a Hainu, who is united with Rorvic in a reciprocal feeling of hate/friendship, musician Cucula Pampo and Sandal Tolk land with a Gazelle on Test Rorvic. It is the second planet of the sun Structure-Alpha. Gigantic abandoned spaceports appear to support a theory according to which the Swarm passes regularly through the Milky Way. They discover robots dependent for their energy “food” on dwarf-creatures who resemble turtles. Rorvic, Tatcher a Hainu and Pampo discover a radiating device which immunizes against the stultification effect. They enter into conflict with the dwarf-creatures and the robots of the planet. When the vessel of the Swarm begins to make its final approach to the planet Test Rorvic, Perry Rhodan recalls his men. However, Sandal Tolk refuses to return to the GOOD HOPE II and remains on the planet in order to take vengeance.

Michael Mahoney 2015-08-09

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