514 - Der Weltraumkurier
The Space Courier
H.G. Ewers

At the beginning of November 3441, Tipa Riordan, the chief of the pirates, lands with the DREADFUL on Olymp and announces the impending arrival of twenty troop transports from the Carsual Alliance. Shortly after Terser Frascati and Nos Vigeland arrive and deposit a half million addled Etrusians who have been affected by the Swarm under the pretext of a lack of provisions on their home worlds. In reality, they are trying to destabilize Olymp. An identical attempt by Runeme Shilter in the Solar System fails due to the paratron shield surrounding the Earth. Roi Danton and philosopher Holtogan Loga, the spokesman of the Homo Superiors on Earth, develop a diversionary maneuver. Bossa Cova is sent as a fake messenger of Perry Rhodan with a false message. He travels to and then returns from a short visit in the stellar city Jawnee close to the Swarm where the Bāalol priest Ydrani and the Terran merchant Ranus Fliederbaum directs, with the help of 21 immune, thirty thousand addled of different races. In the Aslan System, where Frascati and Vigeland retired with their vessels, Bossa Cova simulates a breakdown of his Waring (linear) converter. They capture Bossa Cova and, through a surgical procedure, retrieve the false message hidden in Cova’s stomach. The message makes believe that the Swarm will leave the Milky Way in thirty days and that Perry Rhodan wants to use the chaos left over from the Swarm to seize the central worlds of the Carsual Alliance and the Central Galactic Union.

Tricked by this message, The Etrusian leaders immediately return to Olymp and pick up their fellow addled citizens. They bring them back to their worlds of origin in the mistaken belief they will need them when Rhodan invades after the departure of the Swarm. During the presence of the Etrusian vessels on the planet Olymp, Tipa Riordan frees Bossa Cova.

Michael Mahoney 2015-08-09

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