513 - Ein Platz für Verdammte
A Place For The Damned
Ernst Vlcek

On 19 October 3441 the GATOS BAY reaches Quinto Center, the headquarters of the USO. For the past seven days, Quinto Center has been besieged by the ZAMORRA-THETY, commanded by the admiral Cadro Tai-Hun. Tai-Hun and his hundred forty-seven immune followers, known as the “Researchers of Paradise”, want to make the headquarters of the USO a gathering point for all immune in the galaxy in order to transform it into a paradise world. Ultimately, Tai-Hun’s followers gain entry into the station and an uneasy truce is established between Tai-Hun’s group and the immune personnel of the station. Roi Danton penetrates into the station with the Barnitian Stansch. He attempts in vain to settle the conflict diplomatically. The admiral’s “Researchers of Paradise” finally violate the truce and seize the hollow moon, to includes its central positronic computer. The Siganesian, Mortom Kalcora, gains entry into Quinto Center with Cheborparczete Faynybret, reaches the control center and modifies the programming of the positronic computer. The “Researchers of Paradise” are surrounded by the station’s robots after a hopeless battle and surrender. On October 23 they leave Quinto Center with their vessel.

Michael Mahoney 2015-08-06

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