512 - Der Flug der GATOS BAY
The Flight Of The GATOS BAY
Clark Darlton

In November 3440, at the time of its flight toward the Blue System, the cargo ship GATOS BAY is taken by surprise by the stultification produced by the Swarm. After the sabotage of the linear propulsion, captain Tschak-Hoa, the only one on board of the ship immune to the effects of the Swarm, pilots the vessel on a sublight flight of several months to the Graph-Tita System. The third planet, Pampas, is populated by colonists of the Blues. At the beginning of October 3441 the GATOS BAY lands on the spaceport on Pampas. Shortly before the landing, captain Tschak-Hoa has contact with a secret station of the USO called "Blue-South Stellar Power Station”, hidden on the flank of a volcano. Five immune and sixteen addled of the USO live there. The commander of the station is the Cheborparnien, Cheborparczete Faynybret, nicknamed the Boss (Chief), who looks like the typical picture of the Devil with his goat horns, three prehensile tongues, red eyes and goat hooves. In fact the Cheborparniens had visited the Earth three thousand years in its past. After the loss of the station’s transmitters, the Boss, the Terrans Hotchka Omolores and Gaddard Pen-Tukas, and the Plophosian Aidala Monehue bring their addled (non-immune) comrades to the GATOS BAY. The Blue, Haigra Whuy, parts with the group under the pretext to help his fellow Blues. Instead, he heads for the cargo ship, which has already been unsuccessfully attacked by addled (stupid) Blues, reaches it ahead of the rest of the USO personnel and kills the captain, Tschak-Hoa, in order to seize the vessel. He is later killed by the Boss when he tries to use the GATOS BAY against his former colleagues.

After the repair of the linear drive, the cargo ship leaves on December 15 for Quinto Center, the headquarters of the USO. The cargo ship’s original crew (which is still addled) remains voluntarily on Pampas.

Michael Mahoney 2015-08-06

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