511 - Das Volk der Sklaven
The Slave People
Hans Kneifel

The GOOD HOPE II follows the cubic vessel from the Swarm, baptized an Explorer, toward Exota-Alpha, the first planet of the sun Otinarm. Its inhabitants descend from a mix of Akonen (Akonides), Arkonides, Terrans and Springers. Before the arrival of the Swarm their culture was at a developmental level similar to medieval Europe. The Explorer lands and its four external walls lower down into ramps. Some Small “Purples” leave the ship and walk toward the four cardinal points. They kill everything that opposes them. The inhabitants of the village Crater are victims of the Purples. Only the young Sandal Tolk Feymoaur asan Sandal-Crater survives. Because of a previous injury to his skull he is the only native inhabitant on the planet immune to the effects of the Swarm. To revenge the death of his parents, his grandfather and his wife Beareema he attacks the Small Purples who are building several mushroom-shaped constructions. He kills some of them with a bow and arrows. He then leaves on horseback toward the spaceport. Because of the distress calls from a Homo Superior, Thamar Ben Kassan, the only one at the Terran commercial station immune to the effects of the Swarm, the GOOD HOPE II lands on Exota-Alpha. Sandal Tolk goes on board. Because of his warlike habits he then provokes Atlan and Perry Rhodan to a duel which he subsequently loses. However, this only results in admiration from Sandal and the development of a strong friendship between him and the two immortals (particularly Atlan).

When the Explorer takes off and returns to the Swarm the GOOD HOPE II destroys the mushroom constructions on Exota-Alpha. The Homo Superior remains on the planet.

Michael Mahoney 2015-08-02

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