510 - Die Ausgestoßenen
The Outcasts
William Voltz

At the end of September 3441 the crew of the GOOD HOPE II come across a disk of twenty kilometers of diameter surrounded by a hemispheric energy shield that has apparently been expelled by the Swarm. Alaska Saedelaere, Fellmer Lloyd and the opportunist Juniper Whiilcont land with a Gazelle on the platform. One of the races that live on the platform, the Siloten, captured and mistreated the missionary of the Yellow Y'Xanthymona idol that "laughs, cries, perspires and kills." This creature measures one and a half meters in height and is covered with crimson scales. His bony skull carries a ponytail. His capture is the reason for the expulsion of the platform from the Swarm. When Whiilcont wants to help the “Purple” to leave his cage he is killed by the missionary. The Siloten, that control their prisoners with music, capture Saedelaere and Lloyd and bring them into a fortress. Before the master of the fortress, the insectoid-like alien Quarschotz-of-the-Broken-Voice, can activate the "Absolute Movement" of the disk the two Terrans free themselves and flee with the Gazelle. Lloyd sees the Purple breaking into pieces after his death.

Shortly after the disappearance of the platform a cubic vessel leaves the Swarm for an unknown destination. The GOOD HOPE II follows it.

Michael Mahoney 2015-08-02

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