509 - Die Banditen von Terrania
The Bandits Of Terrania
Ernst Vlcek

In order to find the unknown power hiding behind the organization of gangs attacking Terrania City, at the end of August 3441 Galbraith Deighton sends Serkano Staehmers, a collaborator of the USO, to investigate the situation. Staehmer succeeds in infiltrating one of the gangs. He kills its chief, Arlon, in a duel and becomes his successor. He enters into contact with Grohaan Opinzom, a Homo Superior who has been rejected by all the other Homo Superiors. He had controlled Arlon and many of the other gang leaders with his hypnotic faculties. He doesn't manage to control Staehmer, who is mentally stabilized (thus why he has not been affected by the Swarm).

Aghast by the actions of Opinzom, the other Homo Superiors declare their readiness to collaborate with Deighton. Opinzom can only live in a sterile, dark and silent room because of his incredible sensitivity to all sounds, smells, sights and touch. After being exposed by Staehmer and removed from his isolated environment, he commits suicide.

The following day Perry Rhodan lands with the GOOD HOPE II for a short visit in Terrania City.

Michael Mahoney 2015-08-02

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