508 - Treffpunkt zwischen den Sternen
Venue Between The Stars
Hans Kneifel

When the chaos produced by the Swarm began, the cargo ship GERARDU MERCATOR escaped from Lepso on 5 December 3440 and found shelter in the Big (Great) Magellanic Cloud. Aboard are seventeen people: they include a Terran, an Akonen (Akonide), an Arkonide, a Barnitian, Siganesians, Antis, Springers and a Maahk. On 20 August 3441 the GERARDU MERCATOR meets the EX-8989 very close to the edge of the galaxy. The EX-8989 is returning from a long exploration flight. When the crew of the Explorer learns what has happened in the Milky Way, psychologist Korvey Wokon leaves on board of a Gazelle with his patient Skytho Karrora, mentally deranged from the exploration of a strange planet and culture a year before. As they enter the Swarm’s zone of influence, Wokon is addled but Karrora is healed and enters into contact with the INTERSOLAR. When the Gazelle returns to the two vessels, those of the GERARDU MERCATOR who are immune to the influence of the Swarm follows the call of Bell and comes back into the Milky Way to fight against the chaos. The EX-8989 leaves for the World of a Hundred Suns.

Michael Mahoney 2015-08-02

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