507 - Zwischenspiel auf Tahun
Interlude On Tahun
Clark Darlton

In mid 3441, after a long mission on the northern edge of the Milky Way, the specialist of the USO, Harm Davis, lands with his small ship, a Gazelle named BARKA, and its small four man crew on the colonial planet Eden V. Eden V is famous in the Solar Empire for its wine. It is here that he and his crew learn for the first time about the stultification (stupidity) caused by the Swarm. The crew of the BARKA helps some of the immune of the colony deal with the chaos caused by the Swarm. Harm Davis then leaves with the BARKA for Tahun, the medical planet of the USO in the Tah System. The chief of one of the clinics on Tahun, Truc Rotkel, owner of the semi-intelligent dwarf cow, Gesine, and the Takerer, Merceile, who remained on Tahun after her recovery from the Takerer attack on Titan, face supply problems and escape attempts by their addled patients. Harm Davis meets Roi Danton, who has come to the planet in order to visit Merceile whom he loves. Harm Davis and Roi Danton successfully help Truc Rotkel and Merceile with their difficulties. In fact, thru a secretion from the dwarf cow Gesine, an epidemic in the clinic which causes paralysis can be halted and, in addition, the patients lose their rebellious nature and become cooperative. Thus, the escape attempts end. Roi Danton returns to Olymp after he has tasked Harm Davis to travel to the USO headquarters, Quinto Center, and attempt to bring order to the chaos there.

Michael Mahoney 2015-08-01

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