506 - Die Göttin der Symbionten
The Goddess Of The Symbionts
H.G. Ewers

The GOOD HOPE II explores the surroundings of the Swarm. Aboard is Aronte, a Takerer who remained in the Solar System after the end of the Takerer-Terran conflict. He concluded a marriage contract with Alea Onadere, who has now become the victim of the Swarm (whereas Aronte is immune). On 30 July 3441, before the GOOD HOPE II reaches the Lignan System, which lies in the path of the Swarm, a robot of the Zahkses, an unknown race, is taken on board. The GOOD HOPE II lands on Caraprien, the third planet of the Lignan System. The vessel becomes lodged in a deep cleft when a fleet of Manipulators from the Swarm provokes severe earthquakes and volcanic eruptions on the three planets of the system. During a reconnaissance flight to the other planets of the Lignan System, Mentro Kosum, Toronar Kasom and Lesska Lokoshan are propelled temporarily into the past with the Gazelle DAPHNE by a mysterious eruption of energy. They discover in the space close to Ameln, the first planet, a double-cone spaceship which is fifteen-kilometer long. They are then just as mysteriously returned to the present where they discover that the Tontursters, the inhabitants of the second planet, Tonturst, live in symbiosis with the Amelnians of the first planet. In exchange for food, the Amelnians agree to serve as manual laborers on Tonturst. This cooperation is directed by the BORRO GANE, an intelligent cellular mass lodged in a crystalline double-cone. It influences the development of the Tontursters and the Amelnians. In the past it manipulated the evolution of the Amelnians, in conjunction with a station of the Zahkses on Caraprien.

The GOOD HOPE II is rescued with the help of the Tonturster Push-Push 2301. In return, Perry Rhodan saves the surviving Tontursters from their disintegrating planet and, when the INTERSOLAR arrives on the scene, Bell agrees to transport them to Hidden World I. On August 20 the GOOD HOPE II leaves Caraprien.

Michael Mahoney 2013-04-16

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