504 - Das Raumschiff der gelben Götzen
The Spaceship Of The Yellow Idol
Hans Kneifel

After one failed attempt on July 13, 3441, the mentally stabile Edmond Pontonac (the former commander of the moon Titan) finally succeeds, along with hundred twenty mentally crazed crewmembers, in leaving Caudor II aboard the GIORDANO BRUNO JUNIOR. On July 13, 3441, after almost 7 months of flying the GIORDANO BRUNO JUNIOR with great difficulties, he meets and joins a group of 15 Terran vessels which are bound together and are all trying to reach the Earth. Still 12 light-years removed from the Earth, 14 of the ships are piloted by immune Terrans. One of the Swarm’s stingray-shaped vessels approaches the Terran vessels. These foreign spaceships, which are responsible for lowering the gravitational constant thereby lowering the intelligence quotient of all living beings in the Milky Way, have now been named “Manipulators”. Pontonac penetrates inside the Manipulator which has been disabled by concentrated fire from the transform canons of the Terran convoy. He discovers a vaguely humanoid statue and hears a voice which says: "It is the Yellow idol. It is Y'Xanthymr who kills and cries for the red stones." When Pontonac tries to join the Manipulator to the rest of the convoy the vessel begins to alter and break into fragments of glass. The INTERSOLAR, under the command of Reginald Bell, appears on the scene shortly afterwards. The video recordings taken by Pontonac inside the Manipulator appear without value. Each person sees something different. On July 28 the convoy reaches the Solar System thanks to aid given by Reginald Bell and his fully immune crew.

Michael Mahoney 2013-02-16

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