503 - Planet der Digger
The Digger Planet (The Planet Of The Digger)
Clark Darlton

On July 14, 3441, Atlan has a short meeting with the immortal of Wanderer on the GOOD HOPE II. The immortal being warns him of the serious dangers that the Swarm represents. This includes significant challenges and perils which they will face on planets that have been affected by the Swarm. The GOOD HOPE II travels to Hidden World I, the first planet of the sun Ruby Omega situated behind the swarm. It possesses a small mining colony which searches for eupholite and olio hymenopterii, two fossils of an extinct giant termite species. The visitors face the aggressive mobile plants and bugs of the planet as well as the idiots (mentally crazed) of the colony. They meet the miner Flinder Tex Gruppa who is immune from the effects of the Swarm due to a chain of eupholite which he wears around his neck. With the help of eupholite, Icho Tolot, who is still half crazy, is cured and made immune to the effects of the Swarm. On July 28 the GOOD HOPE II leaves Hidden World I after having studied the effect of the Swarm on a world which it has just passed.

Michael Mahoney 2012-11-28

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