502 - Der Ritter mit dem Flammenschwert
The Knight With The Flame Sword
H.G. Ewers

Three times on Olymp, Shar Troyonas and a handful of immune individuals defend the container transmitters against the technological hostile Homo Superior. The Homo Superiors also destroy the pseudo-variable masks of the Vario-500 robot, Anson Argyris, thereby forcing it to deactivate itself. Roi Danton arrives on Olymp in a container to help Troyonas to equip the Vario-500 robot with a new program written by Nathan. Once reprogrammed, the robot appears completely equipped under the name of the Grey Knight. In a dream, Anson Argyris sends a latent immune Terran, Bossa Cova, with one of his merchant spaceships (controlled initially by the ship’s positronic brain until Bossa recovers his full mental faculties) toward the Free Trader life station “Square Seven”. By the time he arrives at the station, Cova is fully immune. Bossa Cova rescues Major Patulli Lokosham who has been trapped on the station. With Patulli Lokoshan and the Saurian Olga, Cova comes back to Olymp where the immune Oxtornian, Mundus Hawk, also arrives.

Michael Mahoney 2012-11-12

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